Curved Masonry Wall Design Tips

When decorating or refurbishing the exterior of your home, it is a good idea to keep some masonry wall design ideas in mind. Undertaking a little research and planning will help you to create a design that will enhance the exterior of your home. Read on for a few ideas about how you can use a curved masonry wall.

Bay Windows

You can add a curved masonry design to the wall that supports a bay window to enhance the protruding wall. Rather than chiseling the existing masonry to form a curved design, add stucco or additional bricks of various shapes and sizes to create a curve.

Plan your design in accordance with the distance that you want the wall to reach and how this will affect the outside space. Limit the amount of space that is required by only adding a curve to the front wall, plotting the correct position by using the edge of the side walls. Use a piece of chalk to draw a straight line that follows the border of each wall until they meet and use this as the outside edge of the curved section of wall.


With bricks, you will be able to create a curved masonry wall design to meet your specifications. Using this method will enable you to build a curved wall from scratch or by adding to an existing wall. It is also made easier due to the fact that the bricks require no particular preparation, such as cutting to size, as the design can be achieved by laying out the bricks in the desired manner. This will result in thicker spaces between the bricks that need to be filled with mortar. This technique can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Alternatively, you can cut the bricks that are used on the outside edge until they are the correct size to be able to form a neat curve. This construction will allow you to enhance the decoration by adding decorative tiles along any edge.    


If you want to add a small terrace above the front door, you can put a curved frame in place before the materials are used to create the necessary components. The frame can be attached to the wall so that it protrudes outward, similar to half a disc that has been fitted horizontally. Otherwise, it can be fitted so that it forms an arch against the wall like half a cylinder. This can also be undertaken above windows to prevent the glass being affected by the elements.


You can use a molding technique for specific types of substances that can be used to create masonry wall designs, such as concrete or plaster. A rigid plastic or metal mould can be attached to the wall where the design is to be placed. After the substance is thoroughly mixed, it can be poured into the mold and left to set in order to form a curve to the wall.