Curving Wood: Bar Top Design Tricks

Having a custom wood bar top as a part of your home bar is a great way to make a statement and add impact to your room. Your imagination is the only limit to what your bar top might look like. There are some things to keep in mind when having a custom wood bar top. For instance, will your bar top have any curved areas where trim or laminate will go?

Curving Wood Process

We think of wood as always being straight, but there are very easy ways to curve wood for trim.

Use Thin Strips

For any curving process you are going to want to use thin strips of softwood instead of one large, thick piece. For thicker pieces you can glue several thinner strips together and bend them all at once.

Mold Against Bar Top

In order to get a perfect fit, you should lay the laminate, or small strips, up next to the wood bar top and clamp it in place gently molding the wood around corners and curves.

Continue to Add Pressure

As the wood begins to curve around the wood bar top, then continue to add pressure with the clamps until you get a tight curve.