Custom Fireplace Finishes You Never Thought Of Custom Fireplace Finishes You Never Thought Of

Custom fireplace finishes bring even more attention to a fireplace that is already bound to be the focal point of the room. Try these creative alternatives for the fireplace in your home.


Mirrors placed in the fireplace can make the room look larger. As a bonus, you can enjoy the fireplace and the décor on the other side of the room at the same time.

Built-In Bookcases

Combine a fireplace with the old-fashioned elegance of built-in bookcases when you mount bookshelves to the paneling surrounding a fireplace. With basic carpentry skills, a custom fireplace bookcase can be a weekend project.

River Stone

Large, flat river stones set in tinted concrete around the fireplace suggest a unique combination of fire and water for a custom fireplace finish. Synthetic river stone is available at home centers with flat backs for easy setting.

Rough Timber Paneling

Even if the outside of the house is aluminum siding, you can get the rustic ambiance of a cabin in the woods with rough-hewn timber or barn siding paneling around your fireplace.

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