Custom Glass Door Design and Construction Tips Custom Glass Door Design and Construction Tips

Using a custom glass door design instead of a standard door design is a great way to add character to your house. If you are considering a custom glass door design then there are some things to consider. These will help you select the door you want and make sure it is installed properly.

Picking the Glass Door Design You Want

There are many options for custom glass door designs. Frosted or hammered glass or even stained glass doors are all commonly used custom door designs. You should pick one which matches your tastes, room décor and is durable enough to last for years.

Building and Installing Custom Glass Doors

When building and installing custom glass doors the most important thing to consider is the weight. Glass tends to be heavy. If you are using an extremely thick custom piece of glass then it may be substantially heavier than even a normal glass door. You need to select hardware which can handle the added weight. The weight limit is indicated on the packaging of the hardware for reference.

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