Custom Grills Custom Grills

Custom grills are cooking devices that are specifically made for or by their owners. They are often used in commercial settings, but those who do a great deal of entertaining also gravitate toward these often bigger, specialty models.

Types of custom grills

Custom grills are not all alike. They can range greatly in size, function and cooking style. Some of the most common types of custom grills include:

  • Charcoal – This type of grill operates using charcoal. Custom models are often designed in barrel shapes to accommodate cooking for large crowds at once.
  • Gas – Some custom grills are powered by propane gas and are also designed to suit the demands of large-scale cooking.
  • Smokers – Similar to charcoal models, custom grills that are technically smokers are designed to slow cook while searing the flavor of different woods into meat.
  • Brick – Custom grills of this nature are generally built up with brick on all sides and operate using a grate that is set over a charcoal or fire pit. The potential size of this type of grill can be quite extensive.

Finding custom grills

Custom grills are often created by small, specialty companies. Most models can also be tackled by do-it-yourselfers. Charcoal grills, smokers and brick grills are all relatively easy for individuals to craft on their own.

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