Custom Motorcycle Guide: Headlights and Brake Lights

The headlights and brake lights on your custom motorcycle are essential for the safety of you and all other road users. It's very important that these are always in full working order.


Headlights are essential lights for your bike as these allow you to see where you are going at night. Without headlights it would be very dangerous to ride your bike when it's dark. There are a number of different types of bulb which are suitable for use as headlights. The most common is the halogen bulb. Lately however this has fallen out of favor with many other types of bulb including the xenon and HID bulb.

Brake Lights

Brake lights and tail lights are essential to protect you from the danger of the road. These lights are designed to tell other people what you are doing so that you won't ever be in any danger.

Checking Your Lights

You should check the condition of your lights regularly so that you can be sure they will work when needed. Check your bikes sidelights, main beam and full beam to ensure that you will never be caught in the dark not knowing where to go. You should also check the brake lights of your bike to make sure that everything is working properly.

It's actually a very good idea to carry a spare set of bulbs everywhere you go. This means that it will be possible to change the bulbs if you needed to.