Custom Roman Shades: A Pricing Guide

Although pricing for roman shades typically places them in a more affordable category than expensive drapes and curtains, custom roman shades can cost anywhere from $80 to more than $600 each. What causes this vast fluctuation? This guide breaks down the differences in cost to help keep you within your desired budget. While costs can vary by style and feature, the greatest determining factors in the prices of custom roman shades are size (width in particular) and fabric. Shade widths ranging from 20 to 40 inches generally cost between $100 and $275, depending on the fabric. Basic shade sizes such as 24 x 36 inches or 36 x 54 inches can offer even greater price discounts through volume dealers.

Choosing Fabrics

While considering fabrics, thicker and more exotic fabrics tend to cost more than basic fabrics. Custom blends, wool, suede and high end silks usually start between $240 and $450 per piece, while cotton, bamboo, linen and some satins fluctuate between $100 and $220. Even so, there is always room for price differentiation by designer and pattern.

Specialized fabrics, such as solar roman shades with guaranteed ultraviolet protection, typically can also carry higher starter prices, ranging from $270 to $400 for the smallest widths. Conversely, blackout roman shades (also known as theater shades) which can reduce sunlight by as much as 99 percent, are more affordable with an average starting price of $150. Yet another choice, insulated custom roman shades, which cater more to function than design, can be found for as little as $80.

Choosing Styles for Custom Roman Shades

When it comes to style choice, flat or classic custom roman shades generally cost anywhere from 15% to 25% less than their more unique and ornate counter parts, such as hobbled, European, tulip, and tear drop shades. Some high-end designer retailers, however, offer hobbled shades with soft looping folds for the same price as the more contemporary styled flat roman shades.

Many retailers offer additional options and features that can increase the flexibility, appeal and expense of your custom roman shades. Double roman shades, also known as Bottom Up/Top Down shades, can be raised from the bottom like a conventional shade, and lowered from the top to provide additional privacy and sunlight control. This feature can be added for a flat fee, averaging from $45 to $60, or as a 10 to 25 percent increase of the base cost. Another popular upscale option, the continuous cord, features a continuous loop construction for easier range of motion for larger shades. Pricing for this alternative can also range from $45 to $60 or 10 to 25 percent of the base cost.

Installing window treatments like custom roman shades can provide a simple, relatively inexpensive method for changing the entire look and feel of a room or house. They key is to balance the scope of your project with your design preference, desired function and budget.