Custom Stone Fireplace Ideas and Tips Custom Stone Fireplace Ideas and Tips

A custom stone fireplace can be a great addition to your home and there are many styles available to suit your decorative needs. Consider the below ideas if you are looking to build and customize the fireplace in your home.

Measure Up

Measure the size of the fireplace carefully to ensure that you order a correctly sized product. The fireplace and over-mantel should look in proportion to the space you have available. 

Choose Your Material

Custom stone fireplaces are available in natural and cast stone. Limestone, marble, or sandstone are traditionally used and are extremely durable. In addition, they are very beautiful but can more expensive.

The cheaper but no less visually appealing option is a cast stone fireplace. Cast stone is an aggregate of stone pieces cast in a flexible mold. It is cheaper than natural stone and easier to shape. 

Select a Design that Suits Your Home

Consider this carefully as the difficulty of installation and expense of custom stone fireplaces makes them difficult to remodel. Older properties would benefit from a traditional style, whereas modern houses would do better with sleeker cleaner lines. You can find additional designs and options at your local hardware store.

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