Customize Garden Ideas With A Trellis Customize Garden Ideas With A Trellis

If used creatively, a garden trellis can become a unique statement rather than a standard garden item.

Vegetable Garden

Introducing a vegetable garden is very popular but most of them seem to look like all of the others. While you are developing the idea and working out where everything is going to go you should also be thinking about how to make your vegetable garden unique. One way of doing this is to have a wall trellis in a prominent position that illustrates your vegetable garden. Most people put the seed packets that they have used on a stick in the garden. You can be different. Pin the seed packets in the position on your wall trellis that relates to the position of the plants. Make it a visitor’s map.

Compost Bin

Composting is an important garden function but if you introduce a compost bin into your garden does it just have to sit there? One way of making a compost bin less visible is to fence it in with trellis panels. These can be any size you want and will soon be populated by climbing plants if you encourage them. This is a very simple idea and one which your friends will copy.

Pet’s Corner

If you have pets, especially dogs, you will notice that they tend to have favorite places in the garden to do their business. When there are visitors and people walking round the garden it stops your pet enjoying ‘their spot’. To keep your pet happy you can use low trellis panels to surround the spot so it will always be available. This idea is also useful if you can train your pet to use a particular part of the garden for its toilet. The low trellis panels will prevent your visitors inadvertently getting their shoes messy.

Wishing well

Many gardens have a wishing well. Children love them. Even if you don’t have a well you can build a realistic looking one and, instead of the usual winding handle you can erect an arch trellis over the well and turn it into a fairy grotto. This is another idea your friends will be tempted to copy because it is such a pretty look.

Kissing Gate

This is a very old English tradition but is usually seen in the country side. You can erect a garden arch somewhere on the lawn and use a trellis panel to form a gate. The garden arch will be decorated with potted plants that will be encouraged to spread over the arch and a small bell or wind chime will be suspended from the top of the arch. When you have visitors you stand in the arch without explaining what you are doing. Someone will ask. You are the guardian of the kissing gate and the fee to pass safely through the gate is a kiss. A silly something, but once again you will have stamped your identity on your garden and proclaimed it with trellis.

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