Customize Wooden Bunk Beds

What You'll Need
Circular Saw
Cordless Drill
Drill Bits
Circular Saw
Wood Putty
Sander/Sand Paper

Wooden bunk beds are a very popular piece of furniture for children's rooms. They are great for when there are two children sharing a room, or when they have friends stay over. One of the great things about wooden bunk beds is that they are very customizable. You can add, take away, or change whatever you want to in order to make it more functional.  Basic woodworking skills are necessary as well as simple hand or power tools. Here are a few steps to follow when customizing your kids wooden bunk beds.

Step 1- Determine What Is Needed

Before you begin any customizing of your bunk beds, take into account the entire bedroom decor. What will you need? Do you need more space? More functionality? Added storage? A different size? These are all questions you should ask yourself when you are thinking about your wooden bunk beds.

Step 2- Add Ladder

Some bunk beds have no access to the top bunk. The kids use the ends as a way to climb up to the top. A wooden bunk bed is very easy to customize with a ladder. Stand your ladder next to the spot you would like to install it. Mark the attachment points with a marker. Use a drill and predrill the holes to the size of the bolt being used. Set the ladder back against the bunk bed and attach drills with a deep socket and wrench.

Step 3- Add Book Shelves

Storage of books is always a problem in rooms. Bookshelves are a great way to do this. The easiest way to add book shelves to your bunk bed is to either use an already prefabricated set of shelves and screw it to the end of the bed. Or, you can buy some shelving brackets and bolt them to the legs of the bunkbed. Use some planks of 1x6 wood and lay across the shelving brackets.

Step 4- Change Size

There are times when the size of the bunk bed will need to be changed. That means that it is either too tall or not tall enough. It depends on the style of bunk bed that you have, but either the top is too close to the ceiling, or too close to the bottom bunk. You can change the size of the wooden bunk beds by either cutting off the legs, or adding a piece to the legs.

Cut Down Legs - Use a tape measure and measure all legs to a specified measurement from the top of the bed. Mark the spot and carefully cut off with a circular saw.

Add to Legs - Measure the amount of wood you will need in order to add to the top bunk to raise it off the bottom. Use 4x4 posts and sand them down to a smooth finish. Cut them to size and install a metal double thread screw to post and install onto the bunk bed.