Customizing Your Whirlpool Tub

Once you have decided to install a whirlpool tub you can also choose to customize it. Some aspects of customization will be fitted before it is delivered.


Whirlpool tubs come in different shapes and sizes so you can choose a model that will fit better into your home. For example a corner fitting whirlpool tub will fit into a smaller bathroom.


The mechanics of a whirlpool tub can be concealed by adding a skirt or apron. These fit around the tub and can be easily cut to size. If you order the skirt with the tub, it will be delivered ready to fit.


If you want your tub to be unique or reflect your own ideas and décor you can choose to order one in a special color. Most manufacturers will now produce tubs the color that the customer requires. As well as the color, you can choose special effects like a crackle finish or marble finish.


The number and type of jets fitted to a tub are selected to represent popular options. You can customize your jets by specifying the number and types to be fitted to your tub. The location of the jets can also be selected. For example, if you want to have your legs specifically massaged you can add more jets to the foot of the tub.

Air Bath

While not standard on every whirlpool tub, but you can opt for an air bath fitting. This option allows you to select the gentler effect of air bubbles flowing across your skin.

Multiple Pumps

If you have chosen a large number of jets, you might also need to fit additional pumps. This will ensure you get good pressure no matter how many jets are open.

In Line Heater

Moving water cools quicker than static water so if you want to spend longer sessions in your tub you will want a heater fitted. The heater will maintain the temperature of the water while you soak and get pampered. This is a much better solution than trying to top up with hot water every so often.

Hand Rails and Head Rests

Ease of getting in and out of the tub can be aided by well placed hand rails and handles. A head rest can make the experience even better.

While not everyone wants their whirlpool tub to double as a shower, you can have one fitted if you choose. These are usually hand-held units but can be fitted to attach to a wall. The best showers come with a fitted cubicle so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


A variation on the shower is a waterfall. This could be incorporated into spa-like setting.


A nice touch is being able to vary the lighting while you relax in your tub. The right lighting can make the experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. It is possible to have colored lights fitted inside the tub to create effects in the water.


The location of the controls for your tub can be put wherever you will find most convenient.

The variety and flexibility of whirlpool tubs gives you all the options you need to create one that is just for you.