Cut A Copper Sheet In Two Steps

Cutting a copper sheet puts your own stamp to your project. It also helps you save on the costs of custom cutting the copper. Making the right cuts requires a few steps and attention to detail.

You should wear gloves when beginning this process so that you do not cut your hands on any sharp edges left after making the cut.

Measure the Copper Sheet

Place the copper sheet on a flat surface that can fully support it. Use a tape measure to determine the dimensions needed for your custom cut, and make the necessary markings directly on the copper sheet.

Cut the Copper Sheet

Using a metal cutting sheer, begin to make the cuts along your marks. Cut slowly and make straight lines in as continuous a motion as you can. Do this for all of your cuts until you have freed your pattern from the copper sheet. Debur the ends to make them smooth.

You can repeat this process for as many times necessary, depending on how much copper you need to work with and how detailed you want your design to be.