Cut Angles With A Wet Tile Saw

Many people are electing to do their own tile work and try their hand at using a wet tile saw. Doing this themselves, many home owners can save a lot of money in the process.

Laying tile on a bathroom wall, a kitchen countertop, or a dining room floor can be easily done by most do it yourself types. However, the tricky part isn't is the laying of the tile, but in the cutting of the tile. Straight cuts can be tricky enough, but angle cuts require great focus.

Set up Wet Tile Saw
On a stable surface, set up the wet tile saw and fill up the water reservoir.

Before cutting into any good tile, practice with broke pieces or left overs from another job. Set the miter gauge to the angle you want and run it through the saw to get the feel for it.

Move the Piece Slowly
Cutting on a wet tile saw is different than a table saw. You should push your tile slowly through the cutting wheel. Not so slow you stop, but not too fast the tile will chip.

Cut on the Strong Side

Whatever measurement and angle you have to cut, cut on the strong side of the cut. This means cut more on the waste side than on the usable piece. If it is too large then a grinding stone will take care of the rest.