Cut Down Energy Consumption: Harmful Everyday Habits Cut Down Energy Consumption: Harmful Everyday Habits

Without installing solar panels, homemade wind power generators or any other kind of alternative energy producer in your home, you can cut down on energy consumption simply by changing some of your habits. Conserving energy starts with everyday things like household lights and appliances. Not only can you reduce energy consumption, you can save yourself money with reduced power bills as well. There are several steps you can take that will not affect your life in a drastic way. It simply requires you to make a few modifications in how you are accustomed to doing things at home.


One of the easiest habits to break is light overuse. There is no need to keep lights on all over your house even when the rooms are not in use. Get in the habit of turning off every light in the house except in the room or rooms you are using at the moment. If it is dark outside and you are cooking in the kitchen and eating in the dining room, your room lights do not need to be on, nor do the bathroom lights, garage lights and outdoor lights. Believe it or not, using lights only when you need them will make a dent–albeit a small one–in your monthly power bill.


Appliance use consumes a lot of energy every month in your home. Dishwashers, washers and dryers, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, hot water heaters and other appliances can be energy drains. Some, like the refrigerator need to be on continually. Ovens might be powered by natural gas instead of electricity and will need to be used daily. Dishwashers consume a lot of water and power. Only use the dishwasher when it is completely full, or practice not using it at all. Washing dishes by hand does not take that much time. Do fewer loads of laundry by consolidating dirty clothes, or use less water when you can. You can modify a hot water heater by installing a smaller tank that stores water at room temperature. That way, when you need hot water, instead of heating up cold water from the water main, it only has to expend enough energy to heat up room temperature water.


Computers and plasma screen TVs use a lot of energy. Get in the habit of turning your computer off rather than letting it sit in hibernation mode when you are not using it. Turn the TV off when it is not in use. You do not need to keep electronic components on just because. Turn them off when you are not using them and it will save money and cut down on energy consumption.

Other Things to Try

Using energy efficient light bulbs, appliances and other things also help to reduce energy consumption. Granted, you have to purchase these things anew, but if you're planning to make a household purchase anyway, it cannot hurt to make the energy conscious choice.

Cut down on energy consumption by making smart choices around the house. By changing some of your habits, you can save money each month and reduce the amount of energy you use. Most of these habits will not be hard to break if you make a conscious effort. Most importantly, doing so will not affect your standard of living. If you do your part, it will have a small impact on total energy use.

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