Cut Your Own Custom Kickout Flashing

What You'll Need
Two Sawhorses
Carpenters Pencil
Utility Knife
Rubber Mallet

A kickout flashing is a small device installed in your roof which significantly protects your roof and walls from deterioration brought about by moisture. Ideally, the rainwater that is accumulated in your roof should flow down to your gutters, however this is not always the case -especially when your wall is buttressed against a vertical wall or a chimney. In order for you to remedy this, you need to attach kickout flashings on the wall and roof junction so that water is sure to not leak there. Although you can always purchase kickout flashings, cutting them from aluminum flashings isn't difficult either.

Step 1 - Set Up Your Workstation

In order for you to create your workstation, you need two sawhorses to support a piece of plywood which will be your work desk. Position the sawhorses parallel to each other around five feet away from each other. When you’ve positioned your sawhorses appropriately, you can lay down a 5/8 inch piece of plywood that is approximately eight feet in length. You can then lay down the metal flashing on top of the plywood so that you can measure out the dimensions of the kickout flashing that you wish to cut with ease.

Step 2 – Measure the Size of Your Kickout Flashing

You can then start measuring the dimensions of your kickout flashing. The width of your kickout flashing should always be at least six inches. For the length however, you’ll have to consult your roof tiles. Mark the dimensions with the use of a carpenter’s pencil.

Step 3 – Cut the Kickout Flashing

With the use of a utility knife, slide through the whole length that you marked with the use of a carpenter’s pencil. Make use of a straightedge to act as a guide for your utility knife. It’s important that when you cut, the motion must be going towards you. This will allow you to exert more pressure and hence, cut the flashing faster. It’s also important that you cut off the flashing using just one stroke.

Step 4 – Remove the Kickout Flashing

Remove the straightedge from the flashing and pull the flashing away so that the flashing snaps at the line that you have just scored with the use of your utility knife.

Step 5 - Flatten Out the Kickout Flashing

When you’re finally done with your kickout flashing, you will notice that the sides of the kickout flashing that you have scored is somewhat uneven. For you to remedy this, all you have to do is to tap a rubber mallet on that edge to smoothen everything up. When you’re pleased with the outcome, you can then install the kickout flashing that you’ve custom made to your roof.