Replacing Golf Grips

What You'll Need
Replacement Grips
A Roll of Double-back Tape
Grip Solvent or Lighter Fluid
Dremel D-Vise #2214

1. Secure the club shaft in the D-Vise, which is padded and will protect your club shaft from being marred.

2. Cut off old grips with the #409 Cut-off Wheel. Be careful that you don't cut into the actual shaft.

3. Clean off remains of old tape. Then wrap the double-back tape in an upward spiral, starting about 1/2" from where the low end of the grip will be.

4. After removing backing from tape, hold the new grip open-end with a finger covering the hole at the opposite end. Pour in grip solvent.

5. Cover the open end of the grip with a thumb or finger and rock it back and forth to spread the solvent throughout the inside.

6. Pour solvent remaining in the grip on the new tape on your club shaft. Make sure all of the tape is wet with solvent so the new grip can slide on.

7. Quickly begin sliding the new grip over the taped shaft as far as it will go. If the grips have "reminder marks," be sure they're pointing toward the club head.

Courtesy of Dremel Tools