Cutting a Concrete Block with Precise Cuts

Concrete block requires the right type of saw with a carbide tipped blade and water to keep it from overheating. Once the concrete has cured and the block is ready to be cut, you will need to take your time and be precise with your cuts in order to prevent the block from cracking or spitting. If this were to occur, you may find yourself re-pouring the entire block.

Use Water

When using a concrete saw to make cuts in the block, use a water hose in order to keep the saw blade cool. If the saw overheats, it will shutdown or rip the area it is cutting into, creating an even bigger problem for you. Water should be on the blade throughout the entire cutting process.

Have Replacement Blades

Even with the constant stream of water, the carbide tip saw blades will wear down. Having a replacement set of blades will ensure that you are able to complete the job and not be interrupted while searching for replacements.

Work slowly and carefully when making the cut into the concrete block. Be sure to wear all safety equipment and observe the instructions for the safe operation and handling of the concrete saw.