Cutting a Crown Molding Outside Corner: Mistakes to Avoid Cutting a Crown Molding Outside Corner: Mistakes to Avoid

Cutting a crown molding outside corner needs accuracy and perfection. They are usually cut using a compound miter saw or using a miter saw and a coping saw. Whichever way you cut, the edge should have the perfect shape so that the ends of 2 moldings sit against each other comfortably. Mistakes can happen easily when doing such tasks, so precision is important.

Cut in the Right Direction

The inside and outside corners of a crown molding are cut in 2 different ways. The crown molding outside corner is cut to the inside so that you cannot see the exposed wood. But the inside corner is cut to the outside and you can see the exposed wood. When cutting the molding, make sure you don’t get confused with the 2 ends.

Proper Planning

Proper planning and patience are the two important factors in crown molding outside corner cutting. Before cutting on the original molding, make sure you do some practice cuts on scrap wood. This will save you heaps of money in the end.

Proper Positioning

Proper positioning of the molding is also important while cutting it with the miter saw. Remember that the rear fence is considered as the wall and the table is considered as the ceiling. So, you have to place the molding the same way you place it on the ceiling. That is, upside down with the good side facing you. Remember these tips to cut your crown molding outside corner perfectly next time.

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