Cutting A Rod For Your Drapes

What You'll Need
Curtain rod
Measuring tape
Hacksaw (fine tooth blade)
Epoxy glue (for finials)

When houses are built and windows are installed, windows can be oddly sized, so hanging drapes can be difficult. Bbuying a curtain rod in the store can get a little tricky because it can be hard to find sizes to match the window—without, that is, paying a bundle.

An alternative to spending a lot of money on a custom curtain rod would be to buy a cheap curtain rod and cut it down. It doesn’t take much work, and can give your window treatments a fresh new appearance, but look expensive and custom as well.

Step 1 – Measure Window, Install Brackets

Always make sure you measure the window width first and determine the length of your curtain rod from there. After installing the brackets for the curtain rod, get ready to start cutting your curtain rod.

Step 2 – Cut Rod

Some curtain rods are telescoping and hollow while others are straight and heavy. The cheap curtain rods are most often hollow, so cutting through it should be a breeze. Measure and mark how much you want to cut off, and hold down your rod tight. With your dominant hand, use the hacksaw to cut off that end.

You’ll notice that if there were any finials on the end you cut off that they went with the piece you removed. That’s okay. Take off the finial and get ready to attach it to the newly cut piece.

Step 3 – File End, Attach Finial

All you have to do here is use your file to sand down the burrs that have appeared from sawing through the metal. You don’t want these tearing your curtains! File them towards the opening of the rod.

Ttake your finial off of the removed piece and put a little epoxy glue into the screw hole. Some finials just pull off, in which case, this is even easier because you won’t need epoxy, but since most require screw threading, it’s best you be prepared.

After the epoxy is in, attach the rod to the finial and hold it together tight for about 2 minutes, then allow it to dry undisturbed.

Step 4 – Finish Up

After the epoxy has set and dried, hang up your curtains on your newly customized curtain rod. With this simple method you've managed to save money customize your home.