Cutting Coil Springs

What You'll Need
Metal cutting tool
Spring compressor

Some people would like for their vehicle to sit lower to the ground but they do not want to go out and buy all new coil springs and install them as it can get quite pricey. Instead you can take your springs out and carefully cut them to the height that you want them, with very little cost or effort.

Step 1 - Remove your Shocks

The first step in getting to your coil springs is to get your shocks off the vehicle so you can better work on them. Jack up your vehicle and remove the tires, and all connected components to the shocks. Remove the break clamps, and detach the shock with the securing bolts at the top inside the tire well.

Step 2 - Compress the Shock and Remove the Spring

You will have to compress your shocks until you can see the securing bolts or nuts, holding the coil springs in place on the ends. Once compressed remove the securing bolts and remove the spring from the harness.

Step 3 - Measure and Cut the Springs to Size

Once the coil springs are free, measure the amount of height that you want to lose on the vehicle; know that once the spring is compressed, one loop is around 1/2 an inch of height. Remove even amounts from all sides to keep your vehicle from leaning.