Cutting Costs on Garden Shed Construction Cutting Costs on Garden Shed Construction

Using alternative shed construction materials, such as plastic or vinyl shed walls, can help you cut construction costs. Not every homeowner needs or wants a wooden shed in their back yard. Other owners want to cut costs while providing a good looking and effective storage unit. You can do all these things and more by being a little creative with building supplies and by using recycled or second-hand materials.

Start saving, finding or picking up building supplies from other sources. Check with area construction sites to get permission to use their scrap lumber. Ask friends if they have old lumber, plywood, brick or stone they'd like to get rid of. Garden sheds can also be made of a combination of materials, such as found stone, vinyl siding from a house residing project, or partial lots of supplies from other projects.

Potential Materials for Garden Sheds

  • Old sheet metal
  • Roofing tiles, vinyl siding and materials from other projects
  • Plywood of various sizes and shapes
  • Construction site materials being tossed
  • Wood and supplies from deconstruction of another shed or home
  • Windows or old doors
  • Fence planks
  • Bottles
  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Logs (timber-frame or pole building construction)
  • Stone


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