Cutting Dado Joints with a Dado Set: Mistakes to Avoid Cutting Dado Joints with a Dado Set: Mistakes to Avoid

A dado set is used to create a finger joint, otherwise known as a channel cut. The purpose of the dado set is to make 2 pieces of wood fit together in grooves. A dado cut is not hard to do, if you have the right tools. This is where a dado set comes into the picture. There are some common mistakes that can be avoided with the dado set, and the following article will share some with you.

Scribe Both Pieces

You need to mark the dado cut with a pencil prior to actually using the dado set to make the cut. Many tend to scribe one piece of wood and then cut it. This piece will then be used as a template to scribe the matching piece. Always scribe each piece separately for the correct fit.

Correct Dado Set

The type of saw you have may need a special kind of dado set. A dado set for a table saw may not work with a router. So make sure you are purchasing the correct dado set for the right machine you have. If not, you may waste your money or damage the saw.


Always use a guide when using a dado set. Any extra movements could cause a bad cut.

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