Cutting Firewood Fast and Easy with a Frame

What You'll Need
2x4, 2x6, 2x8 Lumber
3" Screws
Cordless Drill
Circular Saw
Tape Measure
Chain Saw

One of the chores many people are starting to do again is cutting firewood. A sure sign that the winter months are coming is the sound of chainsaws and people stacking wood for heating their homes when the temperatures drop. Cutting firewood, depending on how much wood you have, can be a hard and laborious task. By building a frame before you start cutting your firewood you will be able to do it much faster by build a cutting frame.

Step 1 - Cut Wood For Basic Frame

The first step to cutting your firewood with a frame is to figure out how long the branches and trees you will be cutting will be. The longer the tree the heavier it is going to be, so keeping your lengths down to 5 or 6 feet will be much easier to handle.

Cut two 2x6's down to 6 foot lengths. Cut 2x4 into 1 foot lengths. Build a simple frame by screwing the 2x4 blocks to the 2x6 lengths for form a six foot by 1 foot rectangle.

Step 2 - Add 2x8 Verticals

Once you have the length of the firewood cutting frame ready, you will then get it ready for cutting the wood to stove length. Most stoves will accommodate up to 16" length of wood. However, this will depend on the type of stove you have. Measure your stove to find out the length.

Take that measurement and mark off on the 2x6's this interval. For example, start at the beginning of the frame and measure 16" and mark. Do this until you reach the end. Attach a 2x8, about 4 feet high, to the 2x6 with the 3" screws. The 2x8 should be standing on end. Place one on each mark. Tie these together with 2x4's on each end and on the top.

Step 3 - Place Wood in Frame

Now that the frame is completed you can get to cutting your firewood fast and easy. Start by stacking your tree length wood into the frame. Line your firewood up with the edge of the frame. If you measured correctly, you will now be able to cut the wood to the exact size you need every time. Continue filling the frame until it is full of firewood.

Step 4 - Cut Firewood to Length

Before you cut any type of firewood make sure that your chainsaw chain is sharp. Your chainsaw should also be long enough to cut through the entire bundle of firewood. A 16" bar is a good length to use.

Start at the edge of the first 2x8 and begin cutting down the entire length. Cut slowly, but evenly letting the chainsaw do most of the work. Apply some downward pressure to keep the saw moving. After you have completed this cut you have a full load of firewood that is perfect for your stove. Continue cutting each length until you get to the end.