Cutting Holes Between Rafters for Attic Ventilation

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Proper attic ventilation is a must to ensure proper airflow in the rest of the house. Ventilation allows air to circulate and will also keep your attic from building up too much moisture and developing mold.

Soffit Vents

A simple way to help provide ventilation in your attic is to install soffits between the attic rafters. However, in order to do so, you'll need to cut holes between the rafters in your attic and lower ceiling. Before actually cutting holes for your vents, take the time to carefully consider the placement of the soffit vents.

Purchase the Proper Vents

When shopping for soffit vents to install, make sure to purchase vents designed to be placed between the rafter ventilation; these types of soffit vents are called soffit ventilation plugs. They come with pre-installed louvers and screens so that airflow is not impeded.

Cutting Ventilation Holes

Using a chalk line, mark the parallel lines for the opening of your vent. Mark the ends with a square. Use a drill with a hole saw bit of 1 inch or more to start your hole, then use a power saw such as a jigsaw or reciprocating saw to make the cuts in the soffit. Be sure to use goggles, since you will be cutting above your head.