Cutting Hyacinth Flowers

person holding a pot full of light pink hyacinth
What You'll Need
Plastic bag
Sharp knife
Floral preservative

There are about 30 different perennial plants that produce hyacinth flowers. This group of flowers originated in Africa and in the Mediterranean. Hyacinth flowers grow from a bulb and produce a stalk that has a cluster of blooms at the top. The blooms can be shaped either like small bells or small starfish. They are very colorful and very fragrant. While hyacinth flowers make beautiful additions to floral arrangements, they require special care during the cutting process to prolong their shelf life.

Cutting Tips for Hyacinth Flowers

violet hyacinth coming out of the ground

Early morning cutting is the best option when working with hyacinth flowers. This time of the day is generally cool and humid. This will prevent your hyacinth from wilting and fading.

The first option for cutting hyacinth flowers is to not cut them at all. Instead dig up the bulb carefully and soak it in about ¾ inch of water, or in just enough water to cover the bulb. Allow the stalk of the flower to rest gently against the side of your bucket. When you are ready to arrange your hyacinth flowers you will remove the bulb, stalk, and flower from your bucket and place it in a vase that contains ¾ inch of water and a floral preservative. Your hyacinth will last the longest using this method and it will also continue to grow.

The second option that you have for cutting hyacinth flowers is to remove the stalk from the bulb before adding the hyacinth flowers to your floral arrangement. In this case you will use a sharp knife or cutting tool for stalk cutting. You need to remove the stalk at an angle about ½ inch about the bulb. Place the stem in a vase that contains ¾ inch of water and a floral preservative. Change the water when it starts to look cloudy. When you change the water you will need to cut ¼ inch off the bottom of the stalk to improve its water absorbing ability.

Make Your Cut Hyacinth Flowers Last Longer

deep purple hyacinth on the plant

There are several ways to make your cut hyacinth flowers last longer in floral arrangements. The first option is to leave it on the bulb. This is what floral professionals recommend that you do, and it is the method that they generally use to prolong the shelf life of this beautiful cluster flower.

The second method for making your cut hyacinth flowers last longer is to keep your cut flowers cool. To do this you will need to place your floral arrangement where it is not in direct heat or sun. If you have air conditioning then you can place your floral arrangement just to the side of the vent or fan where the air will be cool, but where the moving air won’t be directed at the vase.

The third option is to keep your cut hyacinth flowers in a plastic bag until you are ready for them to be seen. This option is appropriate when you are planning a special event where the hyacinth arrangement will be used as the centerpiece. The plastic will help retain moisture and protect the delicate blooms. When you are ready to set out your arrangement just remove the bag, snip off the tips of the stems and place them in a vase with water and floral preservative.