Cutting Mirror Tiles: Mistakes to Avoid Cutting Mirror Tiles: Mistakes to Avoid

Fitting mirror tiles in a room can be decorative and can give a room a sense of light and space. If the tiles are not cut correctly, they can break easily; a costly mistake which can be avoided easily.


Before making any cuts in a mirror tile, it is essential to score it on the back with a pencil and a ruler. This will provide a guide as to where to place the cutter.

Applying Grease

The mirror tile cutter needs to be well oiled or greased to ensure that it can glide across the tile with ease. Do not apply too much grease as this will soak the cutter and prevent it from making any mark in the tile. If a squeaking sound can be heard from the cutter then more grease is required.

Applying Pressure

One of the most common mistakes that is made when cutting mirror tiles is the application of too much pressure, which will create heat and damage the tile. A mirror tile needs to be cut evenly with enough pressure to make an indent in the surface, but not enough to cause the tile to fracture during the cutting process.

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