Cutting Out A Patio Table Top From Wood

What You'll Need
Ten 2x6 eight foot pressure treated boards
Rust proof wood screws
Marking pencil
Jig saw
Two saw horses
Tabletop oval template

A patio table top helps define the style of your outdoor living space. You might already have an outdoor patio table and need to replace the top, or maybe you would rather replace the whole thing with a wooden patio table. Whatever your reason, cutting a patio table top from wood is not a difficult task. The first thing you will need to do is decide on the design of the table. You can choose anything from a slat style table top to one that is a solid surface. You can choose to add glass on top for protection and decoration, or add a classic, carved design. The following tips will help you cut a slat style patio table top, then protect and style it.

Step One: Stain the Boards

When you are creating a table top where three sides can be seen, it is best to stain the wood before you cut it. Stain all sides of the wood, then you can touch up any places that end up being cut and sanded later. This way, once your stain is dry, you will be able to cut and assemble the wood pieces without waiting.

Step Two: Cut the Supporting Boards

You will need to make four boards that are 42 inches long each. Place a board on the saw horses then use your measuring tape to measure and mark one of the 2x6 boards at 42 inches. Plug in your saw and cut at the marked point. Repeat this step three more times.

Step Three: Attach the Boards

Place the plywood across the saw horses to form a table top work area for this step. Place the supporting boards along the table at 26 inch intervals. Lay out the remaining eight 2x6 boards across the brackets evenly. There will be nine inches of overhang on each side of the outside support boards. Use the screws and drill to attach the boards securely to the supports. Once complete, you will have a solid patio table top that will need to be cut to shape.

Step Four: Mark the Cut

Use a premeasured template. The one for this table is 8 by 4 feet and has a curved  head and footer making it appear oval. All that you need to do is lay the template over the table and secure with tape. Use the pencil to mark where you will be making the curved cuts to the table. Remove the template so that you can see where the cuts need to be made.

Step Five: Make the Cut

Remove the plywood from the saw horses and place the tabletop on them. It will be heavy, so you might need a helper. Use the jig saw to cut the rounded shape of your new table. Remember to use safety glasses and make sure the saw is running before you start cutting. Run the saw through each plank until you complete the template cut.

The last part of this project is to sand it down and finish staining the table top. Finish it off with a few coats of poly to weatherproof the table, as well as give it an added detail. Another thing that you can do is order a piece of glass for the top of the table. This will make what can tend to be a rough look into a classy piece of furniture.