Cutting Shapes for Wooden Planters

What You'll Need
Weather Treated Wood
Sand Paper
Safety Glasses
Ruler or Measuring Tape

You would like to make your own wooden planters for your backyard or front porch patio, but are not sure what shape is the one for you. If you are new to building things from wood then use basic shapes and simple designs. If you an expert at using saws and have cut out shapes before then you might like to try a more detailed design using the scroll saw.

Decide on your Design

This is the most important thing to do. Decide how big you want your planter, and which shape you would like to form it into. Draw out your plans accordingly and find out all measurements for your project.

Gather Supplies

Make a trip to your local hardware store for supplies. Make a list of your requirements for your project and check things off as you go through the store to make sure you are not forgetting anything.

Prepare Your Working Area

Make sure you have all your supplies near at hand, and a clean flat work surface to build on. If you are using the saw for the first time be sure to read through the owner’s manual so you are aware of how everything functions and safety procedures.

Rectangles and Squares

A rectangle planter or a square planter are simple and basic to design, just decide how big you want your overall planter and make marks on the wood accordingly. You can use wooden planks to make this style of planter or just larger pieces of wood.


You can make a triangle planter, by cutting out 3 larger triangles to the same measurements, then assembling them together. This type of planter however will need a stand.


For curved wooden planters you will need a jig saw. This saw will make it easier to cut out simple shapes and curves into the top of your planter design. You can cut out four large squares first with a circular saw, and then use a pencil to draw out your design on where the top of the planter is going to go. After that cut slowly and carefully along your pencil marks. Use sand paper afterwards to smooth out rough edges.

Scroll Work

A scroll saw is a great way to make a modern planter. You can make beautiful and detailed designs. You can use stencils to draw these designs or you can buy patterns. You can also do free hand drawings onto the wood you want to cut. It is really all up to you, but if you have not used a scroll saw before you will need to start out with simple ad basic designs first.

If you want a unique wooden planter, then do it yourself may be right for you. Designing possibilities are very wide. If you can imagine the planter there just might be a way to build it, so get started!