Cutting Stair Stringers: 2 Tips

When figuring out stair stingers, you must begin by identifying the distance between 2 finished floors. Designing and building a stair can be considered one of the most comprehensive aspects in carpentry. It requires a great amount of patience and perseverance for perfect construction. A nice and shaped stair is imperative in ensuring the safety and convenience of anyone who will use it.

Measure the Distance between the Floors

You must have a precise measurement of the distance between the floors, which is considered finished floor to finished floor. Then, if you will be installing a ¾-inch wood flooring, make it certain to have an allowance of 1 inch too high or too low from the given size. The best way to do it is to place sample flooring and simply measure it. After measuring it, divide the total rise of the stairs by 7, and round it to the nearest whole number.

Get the Riser Height

You will also need to divide the space between the finished floors by the total number of risers to get your riser height. Lastly, compute the total run of your stair stingers horizontally by multiplying the number of risers and minus 1 by at least 10 inches to follow the building code requirements.

Once you have all the accurate measurements, you may start cutting your stair stinger. However, you must start cutting off the thickness of one thread from the bottom going up or else risk an uneven staircase.