Cutting through a Stucco Wall: Dos and Don'ts

Cream-colored stucco wall
What You'll Need
Circular saw with diamond cut off wheel
Masonry chisel
Breathing mask
Safety glasses

If you find you have to cut through a stucco wall then here are some dos and don’ts that will make the job easier.

Do Use the Right Tool

Stucco is an extremely hard wall material. You will need the right cutting tools. You can use a high speed side wheel grinder. It can cut through the stucco and the lathe behind it. You can also use a circular saw with a diamond cut off wheel.

Do Make Accurate Cuts

circular saw

If you are only cutting out a portion of the stucco and plan to replace it then make clean cuts since any patch will be difficult to blend into the existing wall. To make an accurate cut use a masonry chisel and hammer to make a scored groove to serve as a guide for the blade.

Don’t Cut to the Corner with the Saw

When you make the cuts be sure they are straight and stop just before the corners then complete the cut using a masonry chisel. This will keep the cuts from going past the corner.

Do Protect Yourself

Cutting through stucco is a messy job. Protect yourself by wearing a breathing mask and safety glasses.

This job is messy, but easy to do with the right preparation.