Cutting Vinyl Siding for a Wall Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Handsaw, utility knife
Ruler or tape measure
Vinyl sliding
Tin snips
Circular saw
Miter saw

Whether window air conditioners or split air conditioners, both of these wall air conditioners are popular and used widely. If you wish to install a wall air conditioner you can do it yourself by cutting the vinyl sliding in your room. Here are a few steps for cutting vinyl sliding when installing a wall air conditioner.

Step 1

Before installing or cutting the vinyl sliding, it is crucial to measure the area where you want to install your wall air conditioner. Measure with a ruler if it is a small place, or with a tape for a larger area.

Step 2

Remove the vinyl sliding to start cutting. Place it on a flat plane to enable easy cutting. Avoid placing and cutting the vinyl sliding on an uneven surface, as it may tremble and you may cut yourself. Cutting the vinyl sliding before installing it is much easier.

Step 3

Your vinyl sliding will need exact markings on it according to your wall air conditioner. Once you have placed it on the flat surface, mark all the measurements needed before cutting the vinyl sliding, using a pencil. Do not worry about the pencil marks-they will wipe off after the first rains. Always double check the measurements before cutting to confirm that you have the right size.

Step 4

You can now cut the vinyl sliding based on the marked measurements. Cut the marked holes for the wall air conditioner properly. Cut the vinyl sliding using a utility knife, handsaw or tin snips with larger blades. You can cut the vinyl sliding with a number of tools depending on your requirements and preferences. You can also cut the vinyl sliding using a circular saw or miter saw. Wrong measurements can spoil your vinyl sliding

Step 5

Follow all the marked measurements that you created using the pencil. Cut the vinyl sliding according to the measurements. It is very simple and easy to cut the vinyl sliding using the above mentioned tools.

Step 6

Once the cutting is done properly according to the wall air conditioner, you can then mount your air conditioner in the vinyl sliding after reinstalling it. Make sure to use j-channel around the unit to prevent leakages from the holes on the vinyl sliding.

These steps will help you cut the vinyl sliding for your wall air conditioners.