Dead Load Dead Load

When remodeling it’s important to take into consideration the dead load on the part of the house that you will be remodeling. Remodeling a room can be done in a few easy steps even if you are removing a wall with a dead load on it.

  • Start by identifying what walls you want to take out. This is important because you need to find out which walls have the dead weight of the house bearing down on them.
  • If the wall you plan to take out has only a very little to no dead load on it then the remodeling will be very easy. If not then you will have to take a few extra steps. This usually occurs when you do an add-on to a house and have to take out an outside wall.
  • Before you can knock down the wall you have to make sure that all of the dead weight is supported. This will prevent the portion of the house from caving in on you.

How to Support a Dead Load

A dead load can be supported by other walls that are being put in or it can be supported by a new carrying beam.

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