Dean Deep Fryer

Whether it's making a high volume of french fries, chicken wings, breaded seafood or other delicious, restaurant-quality fried foods, a Dean deep fryer is the way to go about it. Most Dean models are gas powered and require no electrical connection, although the company does offer a single electric unit, the SR14E Super Runner. Dean gas deep fryers make up the bulk of the selection and come with a large oil capacity, durable metal components and design features that make operation and cleanup fast and easy. 

Dean Gas Deep Fryers

With nearly 20 available models in full and half-size varieties, Dean gas deep fryers have names like the Decathlon, Super Runner and Super Marathon. All purpose in application, Dean fryers feature either a sloped or flat bottom. Designed for floor use, they come with heavy-duty casters for improved mobility. With their mechanical thermostat, gas models require no electricity for operation. 

Other Features

Using Dean's Thermo Tube design, energy consumption is lowered. There is even an Energy Star-rated model available. Consuming anywhere from 50,000 to 165,000 BTU per hour, gas units feature stainless steel baffles and rugged cast iron burners. Units come in widths ranging from approximately 8 to 24 inches and weigh anywhere from 115 to 400 pounds.