December DIM Star: Retaining Wall Cap December DIM Star: Retaining Wall Cap

Once a month we like to shine the spotlight on an impressive DIYer by giving their shared project the ol’ “Did It Myself” (DIM) stamp of honor. And, as an added bonus, all DIM Stars are automatically entered into consideration for our first annual DIM Awards next May.

This month we congratulate “Steve Vetter” on his concrete retaining wall cap. Share your project and next time it could be you!

What They Did

"Steve Vetter" constructed a retaining wall 4 years ago and finally added planters along the 156-foot wall length. With a budget of $1,800, Steve used 14 bags of Quickrete per form, pea gravel and 3/8 inch re-rod. He made his own wood planter boxes and finished off the project with flowers.

Why We Like It
This 71-year-old DIYer completed the impressive project on his own and used a bit of ingenuity along the way. To have a look at "Steve Vetter's" work, visit the project here.
Last month's DIM winner covered his front porch in mosaic tiles. See the project here.

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