How to Decide Between Inside and Outside Mounted Blinds

There are so many ways to customize blinds to your exact needs and specifications. Choosing whether your blinds will hang inside or outside the window casing is just one way, but it is one of the most important. When buying window coverings, first determine whether to mount them within your window opening or up above the window on your wall or trim. These are referred to as inside or outside mount.

While both options block light and reduce energy costs, here are the reasons why one might be a better choice for your windows.

Inside mount is the most popular choice and is used by the vast majority of people. It creates a more refined, neater look. Typically, customers only choose outside mount if there is an obstruction inside of the window frame like an alarm sensor or crank handle, or if your window frame lacks sufficient depth.

Outside mounted blinds or shades hang outside of the window casing and generally cover the entire window. Because outside mount applications help give your windows a uniform look, you should consider this option if your windows are shallow in depth, have a unique shape or size, are slightly uneven, or you prefer that the window trim not show at all. These are very popular with people who have trapezoid shaped windows. They don’t compromise the shape of the window or view outside when they are raised, yet they give full light blockage when they are lowered.

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