Deciding Crown Molding Color in a Multi-Colored Room

Crown molding can add an upscale appearance to any room, and the trick to this is to select a panel that coordinates well with the rest of the room’s decoration. If you have a multi-colored theme already in place, there are a few things to keep in mind that will result in a harmonious result.

If you have colored walls and/or baseboards, consider a deep wood stain for your crown molding in shades such as tan, taupe or cherry wood. Also think of the colors/wood grain of your furniture as well to get an idea of complementary colors that would highlight one another.

Walls that are painted deeper colors such as dark red need special consideration, but they also afford more intricate choices for paint when it comes to your crown molding. Experiment with metallic shades that will pick up the light in the design pattern of the molding. There is also the option to try a splatter application of a metallic shade over a solid paint color, similar to a raku finish on a ceramic piece.  

If you have walls that are white, off-white, pastel or another light neutral color, try a paint color for the crown molding in the same shade but with a high-gloss finish. This works especially well for crown molding panels that have more intricate carved wood designs.