Deciding Which Bathroom Heating System Works Best for Your Space

A bathroom heating system is more of a necessity than a luxury. It adds comfort to the hours spent in the bathroom and also enhances the freshness after every use. This is especially true in the cold months. However, bathroom heating systems must be chosen with care and there are certain things to be kept in mind while deciding upon them.

Heater Type and Budget

There is a huge range of bathroom heating systems available on the market. You need to make a choice between buying gas heating systems or an electric one. This must be your foremost consideration. Later you may choose between the different models with features that you may need. The automatic thermostat controlled heaters are an expensive investment but offer good value for money. You have also the basic models that come at a cheap price but are equally good. Your budget and needs should be the primary factors when choosing the heating system.


Make sure that you keep the size of your bathroom in mind while installing heaters. If your bathroom is big, you can go for wall heating systems or even baseboard heaters. However, in a small bathroom these heaters will clutter up and limit the area. In such a case, you can go in for a ceiling heater or a bulb heater that does not limit the bathing area. A portable heater is the best option for a small space. It simply requires plugging in without additional installation requirements. The portable bathroom heaters double up as room heaters too.

Volts Used

Check the power consumption of the heating system to be installed in the bathroom. Be prudent to choose one that does not lead to massive gas or electricity bills.


Check the bathroom heater manual to see if it is in compliance with the building regulation codes of your area. Never install a system that does not comply with the codes as this could put you in serious trouble.

Floor Material

If you need to install a floor heating system for your bathroom, make sure you choose a floor material such as granite or ceramic. These are good conductors of heat and retain the warmth for a pretty long time. The thickness of the flooring must be decided upon, as this is responsible for keeping the floor warm. Two quarters of an inch is a thickness advised for the floor tiles.

Eco-Friendly Factor

It is best to go for a heating system that is friendly with the environment. A radiant heating system is the best choice in this aspect. It is non-polluting and consumes less power, helping save on utility bills as well. Depending upon how much water you can afford to supply specifically for the heating system operation, choose either the open heating system or the closed system. The former does not need an extra water source and makes do with the laundry and bathing water source itself. Another cheap choice could usingf bathroom heating mats that are inexpensive and efficient.