Deciduous Tree Deciduous Tree

A deciduous tree is a tree that sheds its leaves for a part of every year. They lose their leaves during the cold or dry season depending on the climate, and remain bare until they grow new ones each spring.

Right before a deciduous tree sheds its leaves it will display a wide array of beautiful colors. Depending on the variety of the tree, it has leaves that turn from bright yellow to crimson, and many shades of orange in between.

Trees in the north of the United States begin to change leaf color four to five weeks before the leaves further to the south. The changing color of the leaves on the deciduous tree is a sign of the beginning of autumn.

Deciduous trees are often referred to as hardwoods because they produce a harder lumber than that of evergreens such as pines and redwoods. These trees are great for landscaping because they create shade, lend beauty to a yard, and establish property borders and privacy.

Varieties of the Deciduous Tree

There are many, many different varieties of deciduous tree; some of the most popular include poplars, ashes, birches, maples, locusts, and oaks. These trees range in size from a few feet to over a hundred feet tall!


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