Deck Building Designs Deck Building Designs

Deck building designs are blueprints that can guide do-it-yourselfers or contractors in the task of building an outdoor deck for a home or commercial building. The designs can vary greatly in complexity and style.

Where to Find Deck Building Designs

Do-it-yourselfers can find deck building designs for their projects in a number of locations. The most frequent options for obtaining deck building designs are:

  • Books, which focus on the specific topic or general do-it-yourself projects;
  • Web sites geared to do-it-yourselfers;
  • From architects, who might be contracted to create deck building designs for a specific project.

Deck Building Designs and Complexity Levels

Do-it-yourselfers will discover that plans for decks can range from very simplistic to quite elaborate. On the basic end of the spectrum, deck building designs will involve nothing more than raised platforms. More elaborate deck building designs, which could require building permits and inspections, might involve the construction of multiple levels, stairs and/or roofing systems. When roofing systems are involved, it does pay to ensure deck building designs are sound and stand up to inspection.

Before putting deck building designs into action, do-it-yourselfers should check with their local government authority to see if permits are, in fact, needed. Code does vary from state to state and sometimes from municipality to municipality.


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