Deck Extension Over Water

What You'll Need
Galvanized deck screws
Treated lumber
Galvanized steel brackets
Electric screwdriver
Plastic buckets

When you own a deck coming off the back of the home you may want to increase the size by adding a deck extension. Creating a deck extension takes planning to get it right but this is increased when building a deck extension over water. You'll want to do this if you have added a pool, a pond or have another water feature. When you add a deck extension over water there is much more to consider and your planning has to be perfect and the article below will show you how it is done.

Step 1 – Plan it Out

There is no excuse for poor planning and this is more important when building a deck extension over water. Determine how large you want the deck extension to be. The width is already determined by the main deck so you need to determine the length. Measure the height of the current deck. The support legs on the deck extension will be 2 feet larger than the other legs. This is due to the sinking that will occur in the water. This does not apply for water treatments that have solid bottoms but you still need to measure from the bottom of the treatment where the legs will go and the difference is added.

Step 2 – Assemble the Deck

When building a deck extension over water you will need to build the deck section first. Lay out the support beams 12 inches apart on a level surface. Place the planks over the beams in the same direction as the planks on the main deck. Push them close together and attach them through the center to the beam using the galvanized wood screws. You can now add the railings as needed to the deck.

Step 3 – The Legs

Normally you would only need one set of legs at the corners of the deck but since you are creating an extension you need 2 sets. The first set of legs will be the same height as the legs on the main deck and placed at the corners of the extension. Place the back legs on the deck extension first using the wood screws and steel brackets. For the front legs install the brackets to the legs first. Mix the concrete in each of the 2 buckets according to the directions and place the legs in the concrete. Make sure the brackets are facing up. Once the concrete sets place the legs in the water.

Step 4 – Place the Deck

You will require some help for this part as you need to lift the assembled deck and turn it right side up. Line the deck extension up with the main deck. Adjust the legs in the water as needed until they are in the corners of the extension. Once in place use the galvanized screws to attach the legs to the deck. Place several brackets along the bottom of the deck across the deck extension and the main deck.