Deck Landing Construction: 3 Ideas

Thinking of adding a deck landing, and want to really make it something special? Maybe you’re just tired of having your basic stair landing up to your back door. Below are some general ideas on how to really get the deck of your dreams.


1. Think Outside the Box

Sure, the basic rectangular deck with a set of steps is easy and simple, but it can also be rather boring. Consider other shapes (circular, trapezoid, octagonal, etc.) to mix it up a little bit. If you want to really get creative, consider a completely unique shape. Maybe a short walkway from your door that ends in a circular deck, or your basic rectangular deck that runs directly into the wooden walkway surrounding your above-ground pool.


2. Think Levels

Incorporate multiple levels into your deck. This is an easy way to turn a ground level patio into a raised deck. An elevated step or two also looks great when surrounding the hot tub you have built into your deck at floor level.

3. Think Comfort

Instead of boring deck furniture, try adding a table, benches, etc. built right into the deck. Not only do they look great, but you are less likely to experience problems with the elements than you are with furniture that is easily blown or knocked around. You can also add a fancy awning, or better yet, an arbor to give yourself some shade.

There are countless ways of customizing your deck and turning it into the outdoor living space of your dreams!