Deck Lighting: Outdoor Recessed Stair Lighting Deck Lighting: Outdoor Recessed Stair Lighting

What You'll Need
Recessed Stair lighting kit

Recessed stair lighting is a great option for outdoor deck lighting. This will offer a safe way to access areas that require the use of stairs in low light. It can also make your deck look great. Consider the following ways to incorporate recessed lighting in to your deck stair design.

Step 1 - Assess the Area

If you have stairs that are built into rock or landscaped stairs, a traditional stair light probably won't work. You can choose to use lights that are either made to look like rocks or that are right on the outside of the stairs. If you have traditional deck stairs, you can install lights in the step itself or on the siderails. If you install it on the stair itself, you need a light that is designed to withstand the wear and tear of foot traffic.

Step 2 - Prepare the Stair

You want to be able to get under the stairs to install the lights. Most people will install the lights behind the stairs so they won't get walked on, and they will provide lighting directly to the step itself. If you have wooden stairs, you can either place the lights at the side where no wood material is, or you can cut through the back portion of the step itself to install the light.

Step 3 - Set Up Transformer

You need to set up a transformer for the deck lights to supply the power to the lights from a single unit. The transformer should be set up near the existing power supply that is going to supply the deck lights. Since these are going to be used outdoors, look for a transformer box that has a cover to protect it from the elements.

Step 4 - Place the Deck Lights

Get the deck lights set up in their eventual placement. You can attach them permanently now if you want. The kits will typically have a seal that is placed on the portion of the deck nearest the foot traffic, and the light is installed behind the seal.

Step 5 - Run the Wires

Measure the distance between each light and the transformer you placed earlier to determine the amount of wire you will need. It's best to make sure you have enough to cover for waste, so add 10 percent to the total measurement to be sure you have enough. Run the wire under the steps and under the deck up to the transformer, attaching with wire clips.

Step 6 - Connect Everything

Now you can start to make the connections on the actual lights. Make sure you are following the wire diagram that came with the light kit. Wrap electrical tape around the connections on the lights for additional safety. Once this part is done, you can start to make the connections at the transformer. Flip the breaker back on and test out the lights.


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