A Drabby Deck Goes Fab! A Drabby Deck Goes Fab!


Wow, who wouldn’t just die for a fabulous backyard deck like this? But I’ve got to tell you, the day before I did this deck makeover---- well, it wasn’t so fabulous. In fact it was darn right drab, dirty and dreary. Now I know some of us are guilty when it comes to a neglected deck! So let’s face it, a drabby deck, is not very inviting but here are a few tips on creating your own fabulous deck makeover.


  • First clear the deck of any furniture or debris
  • Clean the deck using a deck cleaner. I like using Thompson’s Water Seal Heavy Duty Deck Wash. NOTE: If you choose to power wash your deck with a pressure cleaner, be careful not to damage the wood by using too much water pressure or too narrow of a spray on your nozzle setting. Also consider replacing any decayed or damage wood before your proceed.
  • Next allow the deck to dry according the manufacturers instructions
  • Follow up with a tinted wood protector. This deck was tinted and sealed a sheer rustic red by Thompson’s Water Seal. If rustic red isn’t your color consider having your retail supplier tint a clear sealer for a custom color look. Let dry accordingly.

Too often, we neglect our backyard, patios, decks and even our front porches. That can be a big mistake because our outdoor space is just as important as the interior of our living space. Your outdoor décor should convey your own personal style. And in this deck makeover I chose to use copper accents to dress up this space.


Unexpected accessories in copper and wicker can quickly change any outdoor space. I used white wicker to brighten this deck and copper accents such as a birdbath, pots and window boxes to give this deck a little bit of unexpected shine and charm.

Unexpected décor elements like floating candles and flowers in the birdbath can also create a lovely outdoor evening with suttle ambiance. What I like about this copper birdbath is that it’s lightweight, portable and multi-functional and limited to your own imagination. It can be easily disassembled and stored for winter months or left outdoors throughout the year.

Also consider potting plants like orchids or annuals for summer months to add shine in a dark area of a patio, balcony or deck. And I love the look of these copper window boxes hanging from the railing. Simply fill the boxes with your favorite annuals or perennials in your favorite colors that work best with your region and climate.

Add a little more brightness by adding pretty white wicker furniture mixed with comfy cushions in a mix of colors. For this deck makeover, I used greens, pinks and yellows for a fresh, clean look. But of course, use your favorite colors that reflect your personality and the carry from the inside of your home to the outside.

Overall, this makeover took about 2 days to do with the help of a few friends. So remember, it’s never too late to put a fresh spin on your drabby deck. Then when you’re done, share the new space with your family and friends for a cozy outdoor dinner or simply relax with a cocktail. Till then--have fun!

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