Deck Paint: Festive Choices For Spring

A deck.

Changing or updating your deck paint is an easy way to spruce up the look of your house. Here are some ideas to make your deck stand out from the rest.


Don’t be afraid of using vivid colors to paint your deck. If you’re not sure what colors to use, purchase a cheap color wheel. You can usually find these at paint or craft stores for less than $10. Hold the wheel up to your trim until you find a shade that you like.

As a general rule of thumb, cool colors coordinate with warm colors. This will give your house a balanced look and add an interesting touch.


If you plan on putting potted plants and flowers on the deck, a white deck is a great choice for your home. Having a few focal points on your deck can create a unique look.


If you have a beautiful wood tone to your deck then you may want to consider stain instead of paint. A stain will allow you to showcase the natural beauty of the deck while adding a slight hint of color. This is another great choice if you showcase a deck garden or furniture.

Rugs and Murals

For a splash of color on a natural wood deck, consider painting a deck rug. Deck rugs don’t require a lot of time or talent. All you need are different color paints, a tape measure, and painters tape. Just tape off any geometrical design you want to use and paint.

For something even more interesting, try adding a mural. Consider the décor of the house itself, then paint a coordinating scene. If you have a beach house, consider painting a beautiful sunset.


If you like the idea of color but can’t imagine painting the entire deck, try to paint just the trim and railings. A white deck with a hunter green trim is striking. You can do this to match the house trim, or the colors of your deck furniture.