Deck Post Anchoring Tips

When building a new deck, deck post anchoring is vital. Your deck will withstand weather and weight for years when deck posts are anchored properly.

Types of Deck Post Anchors

Deck posts will last for years if protected from moisture. Deck post anchors protect the ends of deck posts and add strength.

  • A cast-in-place anchor has feet that you will need to put in the top of poured concrete while the concrete is still wet.
  • There is another type where the anchor bolt is set in the concrete while it is wet. The deck post anchor is connected to the bolt.
  • The newest type will lift the post from the surface of the deck. This keeps the wood from soaking up damaging water.

Strength and Protection

Be sure to align deck post anchors. The anchors must line up to install properly. To have just one deck post out of alignment will throw the whole project off and compromise the strength of the deck post. .Be sure your deck post anchors are strong enough to withstand weight and weather. Some anchors are not as strong as others. Be sure to anchor your deck posts properly to prevent post rotting.