Deck Railing Designs: Where Safety Meets Style Deck Railing Designs: Where Safety Meets Style

When it's time to add railings to your deck, there are many beautiful deck railing designs to choose from. In addition to style considerations, safety should be a primary concern. An additional factor to consider is maintenance, which is determined in large part by the construction materials.

Deck railings are composed of several elements, including posts, balusters and handrails. Many materials such as wood, metal, vinyl and composite can be used for railings. The style of deck railings can range from very basic and functional to Modern, Colonial, Arts and Crafts or some other custom design style.

For easy maintenance and long wear, composites and coated metal can be the best choices. Woods such as red cedar, redwood and mahogany can also hold up for many years. Do some research on what type of railing is best for weather conditions in your area.

These are some of the safety standards to keep in mind for deck railing designs:

  • The railing needs to be strong enough to support a large adult leaning against it
  • The height for the deck railings should be between 32 and 48 inches
  • The space between balusters should be no more than 3.5 inches

These are just guidelines and you should always check with your local building department about the rules in your area. By using your imagination and keeping in mind the safety requirements for deck railing designs, you can design a deck railing that is both stylish and functional.

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