Deck Railing Post Installation Tips Deck Railing Post Installation Tips

Having an appropriate deck railing post for decks that are above two feet is necessary for safety. Deck railing posts can be surface mounted posts, interior mounted posts or exterior mounted posts. The type of posts you select mainly depends on your preference and convenience. Installing deck railing posts is an easy job if you have the right tips.

Tips to Help You Install a Deck Railing Post

  • If you have wood deck railing, surface mounted posts are generally the best. You can use metal anchoring devices or brackets to secure these railing posts to the wood surface.
  • While wood posts are ideal for wood deck, you can use aluminum or wrought iron posts for vinyl deck railing. These are strong and robust and are fitted in the same way as wood posts.
  • Ensure that the posts are all of the same height and are spaced correctly. The best way to do this is to get your measurements right.
  • It is important that the posts are level and square if you want to avoid a wavy railing.

Avoid using different materials for the posts while installing them as it could result in an unsafe railing and affect the appearance as well.


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