Deck Spiral Staircase vs Straight Staircase

When deciding on a deck staircase, consider a deck spiral staircase instead of opting for a straight stairway. Read more to find out why a spiral deck staircase may be the best option for your outdoor space.

Design Factors

If your deck is made of up-to-date aluminum planking or vinyl, a deck spiral staircase may suit its modern appearance better than a rustic wood straight stairway. A grey galvanized steel spiral staircase, like those used on navy ships, will enhance a shipboard ambience for your deck. If your deck is more like a terrace, a wrought-iron handrail and frame, with wood-topped stairs that match your deck planks, will give your outdoor space a European flavor.

Space Considerations

If your backyard is sloped and narrow, you may have limited space to work with to create a deck stairway. With its vertical main axis, a deck spiral staircase will fit snugly into the available footprint. As well, a spiral staircase needs anchoring at only 2 points, making it easier to install and stabilize than a straight staircase.

Cost Factors

The galvanized steel spiral stairway is the most inexpensive of the 3 designs mentioned. All are weather-resistant and very durable, to give you years of enjoyable use in your outdoor living space.