Decorate a Master Bedroom Decorate a Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is your private retreat. Unlike a family room or a den, it is wholly about you. A master bedroom is not just a place to sleep, but a place to unwind, relax and rest. For these reasons, you should decorate your master bedroom to include all of the elements possible to make it a haven of leisure.

Color in the Master Bedroom

Color is always an important aspect in the bedroom. Not only used for sleep, the master bedroom is also used for intimacy. Choosing your bedroom colors should reflect these elements on your life. Depending on your personality, however, these colors may differ.

If you envision your master bedroom as a cool, calming room then you should decorate in blues and greens. If you see this space as warm, sensuous and inviting, work with deep browns, dark reds and blues, and earth tones. You can always combine these colors as well. For example, for an elegant look, choose deep brown and an ice blue in satins and silks. Or for a more sensuous earthy design, paint your walls a warm taupe or sand and use a cool denim blue and deep red and dark blue for accent colors.

Sound in the Master Bedroom

Sound, or the lack thereof, is always good in the bedroom. You do not have to sound proof your walls to achieve quiet, though. You can get plush carpeting or rugs, thick luxurious comforters and pillows to help keep sound out.

Light and Air in the Master Bedroom

Light is essential in any room but especially the master bedroom. If you cannot sleep unless you are in total darkness, invest in some room darkening curtains. Not only will you sleep better, but it will also improve your energy bill. Small lamps should be on both sides of the bed, but choose a lamp with a 3 way bulb or with an attachable dimmer. You can use this to set mood lighting or, if your significant other is ready to sleep and you are not, provide you with a little reading light.

A ceiling fan with lights is also a good idea for three reasons; it provides overhead light, it provides cool air in the warmer months, and the white noise it gives off can also produce a very sound sleep. To help with oxygen levels while you sleep, put house plants in your bedroom. The oxygen given off will help keep you healthy and breathing well as you sleep.

Seating Area in the Master Bedroom

Having a seating or reading area in your master bedroom is always an important element. Your master bedroom should be your place to go and unwind, even if it’s not to sleep. Having a separate seating area will reduce the temptation to crawl into bed. A seating area should also have a table with a lamp and is best if put next to a window. A hope chest or storage bench at the end of the bed is a great place to store memorabilia, extra blankets for cold nights or seasonal items you want out of the way.

Things to Remember When Decorating Your Master Bedroom

Just because your master bedroom is square, that doesn’t mean you have to be. Never put either side of your bed up against the wall. Even if you are the only one using the bed, allow plenty of space on either side of the bed. If your room is small, try putting the bed on an angle to see if that improves your space. Try something different in your master bedroom. If you like to have your coffee in bed, put a coffee maker in the bathroom. If you want to feel a little more private, hang mosquito netting or bed curtains. Check design magazines for ideas or looks you want to emulate. Make your room whatever you want. Remember it is your space, your place to unwind.

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