Ways to Decorate a Great Room with Mediterranean Style Ways to Decorate a Great Room with Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean style of decorating is very popular, with good reason. It's a very warm, earthy and inviting style of decorating, which is perfect to create a comfortable and homey atmosphere in your great room. Let's look at how you can create the calming and beautiful allure of the Mediterranean to make your great room really great.

Wall Treatments

When decorating a room in a Mediterranean style, the wall treatment is generally a warm color, with an emphasis on texture. Stucco or sand paint can be perfect to achieve this effect. Paint colors should be on the warm end of the color spectrum, and you can create a lovely "washed" effect on the walls by mixing some white in with your wall paint color before applying.


A brick tile or terra cotta floor in a complimentary warm color is almost essential to the authentic Mediterranean look. However, if your great room has hardwood floors that you wish to preserve, you can add a Mediterranean flavor by adding colorful Spanish-style area rugs. This style of rug adds color and interest to your floors, whether they are authentic brick or terra cotta, or hardwood.


When choosing furniture for your Mediterranean great room, you can choose between elegant pieces, or go for a simpler and more natural look. Either way, the furniture you choose generally will be constructed from a dark wood, perhaps with tile, iron or marble accents. Mediterranean styled furniture generally sits low, appears solid, and the pieces have legs instead of sitting directly on the floor. Fabric choices for furniture should also consist of warm colors, and can be used to add accent colors to the room, such as yellow and warm shades of lavender and blue. You should keep the amount of furniture to a minimum, as an excessive number of furniture pieces will detract from the overall effect you are trying to achieve. You can add even more color and interest to your furniture by including a few interesting pillows and tapestry-patterned throws.


When accessorizing your great room, it's important to keep the overall look rather simple, without cluttering the room with too many accessories. Choose your accessories wisely, and a few items will add all the style and decor that your room needs. A beautiful wine rack can be added for an authentic Mediterranean touch, and a beautifully designed wrought iron chandelier or candle sconces can add a perfect note to the room. If you have a fireplace in your great room, a decorative fireplace screen can be used to create a nice focal point in the room. Other decorating details that can add character and warmth to the room include pottery and perhaps a topiary plant or other interesting plant accent. Although you want to avoid a cluttered look, a few interesting and intriguing knick-knack items can be included as well.

Focal Points

In turning your attention to the walls and windows, you can complement the overall look of your room by including a tapestry wall hanging. Tapestries can also create a great look when used as a window treatment, using a wrought iron rod. You can create a great focal point in the room by choosing a select piece of artwork, perhaps one of a Mediterranean seascape or vineyards. Hang it at eye level where you wish to create a focal point.
You will find that your great room will become a favorite place for family to gather, while they enjoy the coziness and warmth of your new Mediterranean styling.

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